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About Fashlets

Fashlets is an online retailer of affordable and niche ladies' fashion accessories.  In addition to offering discounted prices on the latest fashion trends and designer styles, we also connect people who love a particular fashion style or design to accessories that reflect their tastes.  Founded in 2008, the original Fashlets team was a pilot retail division of La Vani Inc., a wholesale only distributor of fashion accessories. La Vani has been shipping highly coveted handbags and accessories from the fashion hub of southern California to retail chains across America since 2003. Having witnessed the popularity of its products with merchants, the company decided to experiment with retail in order to directly engage its end customers, and thus created in 2008. Fashlets currently carries officially licensed products from Realtree, Betty Boop, Mossy Oak, and Emperia, as well as from original brands such as Dasein and Anais Gvani.

We take pride in our roots as a wholesale-turned-retail distributor of fashion accessories. Based in Commerce, a city known for its exclusively wholesale companies and their vast warehouses and cargo trucks, Fashlets set out to locally pioneer an entire business model of fashion distribution. Make no mistake, we don't quite aspire to be the Costco of fashion. We just realized that if merchants have adored our products and praised our service for a decade, we can do at least as much for the retail customer. So we start by offering you free shipping on all domestic orders. We offer you near warehouse-level prices that you're not used to seeing at the mall or boutique. We offer you products of enormous variety. From trendy snake skin and croco embossed styles to grassroots American signature cross and rhinestone fleur-de-lis accents, our collection of bags and accessories is bound to fill style gaps in any closet. We're not against splurging on the occasional luxury designer brand--hard to resist for any fashion conscious soul--but we're huge fans of mixing up the wardrobe with much less expensive options. Finally, a note on quality; every one of our handbags and many accessories are handcrafted with care. Their quality is ensured by the very brands that have made them popular with our former merchants--Dasein, Anais Gvani, Betty Boop, Realtree, Mossy Oak, and others.