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About Dasein®

The Dasein brand of handbags offers some of the finest products that Fashlets has to offer. Designers at Fashlets work tirelessly to make sure that our handpicked collections feature the top trends, and occasionally overlooked ones, in the world of high fashion.

With the Dasein brand comes the guarantee that its products are made according to our highest standards of craftsmanship, such that customers have consistently praised them for their durability and longevity compared to their other bags. Dasein epitomizes the Fashlets values of making high end fashion available at lower end prices. We aim to make styles and designs shoppers are used to seeing for hundreds of dollars available at only a small fraction of that price. This is made possible with highly strategic cost cutting decisions, most importantly the use of synthetic leather in place of real leather. Fortunately, advances in technology have made this tradeoff highly popular and worthwhile. While retaining the look and feel of genuine leather, synthetic leather can sometimes be even more durable than its real counterpart. This comes with the added bonus of avoiding the environmental and economic detriments of manufacturing real leather.

So why "Dasein"? The word "dasein" comes from German existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger, translating roughly to "existence." Before Fashlets founder Amber Wilson started her career in fashion, she had just finished her doctorate degree in philosophy. Eager to incorporate this other passion in her life into her handbags business, she decided to name her first original brand "Dasein," after considering many other candidates. It was no surprise then that the names for the brand's first style series were all either existentialist jargon or Heidegger's own literary creations.